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Snapchat: Discover 7 hidden tricks!


Snapchat is the app that made addicted millions of people in the world. And if you are one of those who can no longer live without, here are 7 tips to know!

1)Retrieve old ‘Lenses ‘.

Want to find lenses that turned you in person aged hero of manga vomiting bein else and rainbows? Here’s how! On iOS, go to settings-> General-> Date and time and deselect ‘auto adjustment ‘. On Android, go to settings-> Date and time and deselect ‘auto Date/time. Warning, it is best to reset the settings by default once you finish take you selfie with Snapchat…

2) filter to a photo

It is possible to apply 2 different filters on a same photo. First choose a filter; then press the screen with a finger to maintain the first filter, front of scroller with another to select the second filter…

3)Save its data

Snapchat is a hell for users who do not have a good 3G package. Fortunately, the application includes an option that prevents the automatic download of the Story and sent Snaps. Go to ‘Settings’, then in part ‘manage additional options’, select the ‘travel mode ‘.

4)Change the name of your contacts

If you have difficulties to find those to whom you send usually your Snaps don’t panic, you can change their names to better find them. Select a contact, click the wheel and choose the option ‘edit name ‘. And voila!

5)Legend without character limit

A big legend Snaps is a real problem, and that due to the character limit. But it is possible to remove this limitation. Open a note pad copy empty text and paste it into the text box of your legend.

6)Easier add friends

For users who do not know their friends account info, Snpachat also embeds an option that allows to add contacts easily, provided that the latter are in the vicinity. To do this, go to part ‘add friends’ and select ‘add friends nearby. Simple and effective.

7)Add a colorful easily filter

Here is a small nifty method to apply a filter of color on your shots. Choose a color of your choice emoji, zoom so the emoji covers the entire screen and then slide on the edges to give the impression that a filter has been applied…

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