Swiss Watch vs Apple Watch Economy

Is time running out for Swiss watches? In a study made public this week, the Institute Strategy Analytics reveals that for the first time connected watches sales exceeded those of Swiss watches, with models sold 8.1 million compared with 7.9 million for Swiss watchmaking.If traditional watches recorded a slight fall (-4.8% compared to the previous year), these are mostly connected models benefiting from tremendous growth, from 1.9 million watches sold 8.1 million in one year.
Apple Watch, which would be 60-75% of the market, has largely boosted sales and notoriety of this type of equipment in the year 2015.Hong Kong leaden accounts Nonetheless, the well-oiled Swiss watchmaking now marking time. Sealed by a strong Swiss franc, exports fell by 2015. And the month of January came quite clearly confirm the trend.Geneva, it relies on the particular situation of the first foreign market for watches: Hong Kong. The political situation on the ground would have led a sharp stall, exports to the neglect of the country for luxury watches, the prestigious salon Watches & Wonders which is held annually on announced would more place than a year on two, giving appointment to his faithful chartered accountants in 2017.
The United States, second outlet of the Swiss watch industry, have also decreased in 2015 that the increase of exports in Europe was not enough to offset.Head in the sandBut beyond the economic conditions, the Swiss watches suffer from not knowing to accompany the emergence of smart watches. Questioned by Le Figaro, the Director general of Strategy Analytics, Neil Mawston, believes that with the arrival of connected watches, Swiss brands have “planted [their] head in the sand, hoping that this phenomenon going on.Several of them are today trying to catch up. Whether Victorinox which announced its alliance with Acer, Breitling, with a special model drivers, or Hyetis, and its tocante designed and made in Switzerland, many manufacturers benefit from early this year to enrich their catalog.