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Ten Tips For Finding A Job

Are you looking for a jobs or kerja kosong? This is  a 10 important tips you must bear in mind before applying for any jobs.

1. Find the job that suits you

That sounds obvious, but many people are looking for jobs that did not suit them. Most of the time, they are looking for a job that are above their level, or even below. Before you apply for a job, you should first take a good look for yourself. Who you are, what can you do and, above all, what you want.

2. Check your CV

Make sure that your resume is up-to-date. Explain clearly what you did in your previous jobs and highlight your special features. Sign up to the jobs listing websites and send your resume. This will doubles your chances of being found.

3. Use your (online) network

Most jobs are still found through family, friends or acquaintances. In other words, your network. Make good use of your network to find your dream job. Ten heads are better than one.  Get a network by creating a profile in a special networking sites like Linkedin. Even Facebook can help you find a job!

4. Save a search

No time to search for jobs every day? Save your search on. Then you get the latest jobs sent right to your inbox. Obviously only those vacancies that are suitable for you. So you make sure that dream job does not pass on your nose.

5. Less is more!

It is advisable not to have too many applications running simultaneously. Otherwise, you can not focus fully on target and not put all your energy into it. In addition, it is not good to say that you can find as many jobs where you want to work as much. Therefore focus on key (approximately three) and make sure you’re all for that!

6. Importance of cover letter

You know that companies find it very important that candidates also send a cover letter? This is a short explanation why you’re fit for the job. Explain briefly but clearly why you are perfect for the job and for the  company. Companies love to hear how important you find them!

7. Know the company

If you are applying for a job somewhere, it is crucial that you make a research on the company you are applying. The more you know, the better you can explain why you want to work there and the more the company feel that you are an enthusiastic candidate they want. Always check the company’s website and look at the latest news on search engines.

8. Prepare for questions

In an interview you will always deal with a number of standard questions. If you put all these questions to prepare well, you come across convincingly and you can even pull the conversation slowly towards you. And you can bring your enthusiasm once more extra forward.

9. Be on time

A good conversation can only enter if your preparation is good. Make sure all the conditions are well organized and that you will not be surprised. Make sure you leave on time from home and you know where the company is located. Nothing is more annoying to have to rush in traffic. Tardiness is already out of the question. That make you a terrible first impression.

10. Watch your posture

Non-verbal communication is as important as verbal communication. Therefore take special care your attitude. Give a strong hand on entry, do not sit back on the chair and make sure that you make regular eye contact. Watch out that you are not talk too much. Give a comprehensive and to-the-point answer to the question asked.